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Gampas Metal Packaging has been producing tin cans for a variety of business sectors ranging from food to cosmetics, medical, stationery, textile, chemistry and promotion industries for more than 30 y
Isik Kalip was established for mould designing and manufacturing in Izmir in 1971. Having supported all renowned large companies of our country on mould designing and manufacturing for many years, our company has made a name for itself in the sector in a short time through successful projects it achieved during this period. As a result of the quality and fast service which it provides, our company has combined its knowledge on moulding through the guidance from its customers with the injection process and started to carry out the mass production of the moulds it manufactures in the plastic injection department which it established in its organisation.
As Guven Metal we manufacture and supply copper powder, bronze powder, stainless steel powder, steel powder, tin powder, zinc powder, aluminum powder, cobalt powder, nickel powder, copper wool, brass wool, steel wool, brass chip, steel fiber, copper powders, bronze powders, stainless steel powders, steel powders, tin powders, zinc powders, aluminum powders, cobalt powders, nickel powders, copper wools, brass wools, steel wools, brass chips, steel fibers, steel fiber for concrete, steel fibers for concrete, stainless steel wool, stainless steel wools, stainless steel fiber, stainless steel fibers, steel wool powder, steel wool powders, steel wool pad, steel wool pads, brass fiber, brass fibers, brass wool, brass wools, copper wool, copper wools, copper fiber, copper fibers, soap pads, chopped steel wool, steel polishing wire pad, polyester polishing wire... Guven Metal, is one of the major high quality copper powder, bronze powder, tin powder, zinc powder, aluminum powder, nickel powder, cobalt powder, stainless steel powder, steel wool, steel fiber, stainless steel wool, stainless steel fiber, steel wool powder, steel wool pad, steel fiber for concrete, brass wool, brass fiber, copper wool, copper fiber, producers of TURKEY. Guven Metal, is aware about the importance and vitality of the quality and service given to the customers. This is the reason Guven Metal stands strong and with confidence , since our customers are always assured that both the metal fiber and metal powder produced by using the highest quality and tecnology. Guven Metal, is at the customers’ disposal starting from the day of its establishment and committed to providing the customers wirh the total quality of excellence of products and service which is advancing every year with the experinces gained. Guven Metal, efforts on every stage of manufacturing from the arrival of the raw materials to the shipment of the product and later through to after sales service were rewarded quality assurance systems such as ISO 9001:2008 to guarantee the quality of our products. Guven Metal, uses Total Quality Management (TQM) practices to increase the quality and effectiveness of its management system as whole.
MASAS offers decorative / fancy metal boxes to various sectors such as food, medical, cosmetics, stationery and garment to be used as promotional products and packages.
90 gr to 25 kg. up to manufacture tin cans, tin cans, tin cans, decorative boxes, paint tins, candle box, ink box, thinner box, lacquer box
Our company was founded by Ibrahim MUMCU as a sole proprietorship in Gonen. Ibrahim MUMCU started to manufacture stoves, lamps and interested into steel plate works after military duty. In a short time the development of agro-based industry has increased the number of businesses which produce tomato paste and cheese in Gonen and surrounding districts that packaging of agricultural products needs have occurred. Realizing these needs, Ibrahim MUMCU enter the sector of manufacturing tin packagings in 1960. Later factory location of tin packaging was changed in 1994. Company has been active in this sector under the name of Mumcu Tin Packaging Industry and Trade Inc. Starting to manufacture in 1200 m2 closed area, Mumcu Tin Packaging Inc. has got 5000 m2 closed area on 10200 m2 field. Stating in Bandirma Organized Industry Zone, our factory has been started to manufacture in 37000 m2 area. Our main products are tin cans and offset printing products. Our tin cans are manufactured in different sizes and diameters from 250 gr to 25 gr as round type and square type by lacquering with powder, seaming with automatic welding. We offer mainly in food (olive, cheese, pickle, jar) sector. We have two offset printing machinery. One of them is worked only for single colour; but the other one is worked two colours. In this printing units we offer for tin packaging manufacturers, our customers by outsource printing. Our company has got ISO 9000 certification in this year and aims to get HACCEP. Our company's tin packaging are manufacture under TSE certificate and permission of the Ministry of Agriculture Rural Affairs.